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Gestart door Lucas Rolff, 23 december, 2021, 17:20:22

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Lucas Rolff

Merry Christmas!

I have a tiny question regarding exchange rates (gains) / koersverschillen / Wisselkoers over the year (First year this really is a thing for me).

I bill some customers in USD, where these money are stored on a separate USD account throughout the year (since I have quite some expenses in USD as well).
Whenever I have expenses, I obviously use the exchange rate for the given day, and when I invoice customers in USD, and I book these invoices, I also use the exchange rate for the given day.

However, I've just converted most USD into EUR (it was in my favour for the exchange rate), as a result of this, I have a difference in the accounts/rekening within Acumulus.

In Acumulus I have two accounts registered: <bank> USD and <bank> EUR, when I receive payments from the US customer, this goes into <bank> USD. Let's say total amounts to 10000 euro
Exchange rate then changes 10%, and when I convert from USD to EUR, I do an internal booking from <bank> USD to <bank> EUR of 11000 euro.

<bank> USD will now be a negative 1000 euro.

In Acumulus, I do a new expense with a negative 1000 euro (to make the <bank> USD go to €0 to reflect the reality) - here I leave "Leverancier (crediteur)" empty (Since there's no real crediteur) - however, would BTW be BTW-21%, BTW-vrij or BTW-0% in cases like this?

Thanks in advance!


This would be without VAT (BTW-vrij).
Bert-Jan Wiegeraad (klantenservice@acumulus.nl)

Lucas Rolff

Thanks a lot Bert-Jan!

I wish you happy holidays!


Bert-Jan Wiegeraad (klantenservice@acumulus.nl)