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Speciale onderwerpen / Re: Exchange rate / koersverschillen
« Gepost op: 23 december, 2021, 20:54:52 »
Thanks a lot Bert-Jan!

I wish you happy holidays!

Speciale onderwerpen / Exchange rate / koersverschillen
« Gepost op: 23 december, 2021, 17:20:22 »
Merry Christmas!

I have a tiny question regarding exchange rates (gains) / koersverschillen / Wisselkoers over the year (First year this really is a thing for me).

I bill some customers in USD, where these money are stored on a separate USD account throughout the year (since I have quite some expenses in USD as well).
Whenever I have expenses, I obviously use the exchange rate for the given day, and when I invoice customers in USD, and I book these invoices, I also use the exchange rate for the given day.

However, I've just converted most USD into EUR (it was in my favour for the exchange rate), as a result of this, I have a difference in the accounts/rekening within Acumulus.

In Acumulus I have two accounts registered: <bank> USD and <bank> EUR, when I receive payments from the US customer, this goes into <bank> USD. Let's say total amounts to 10000 euro
Exchange rate then changes 10%, and when I convert from USD to EUR, I do an internal booking from <bank> USD to <bank> EUR of 11000 euro.

<bank> USD will now be a negative 1000 euro.

In Acumulus, I do a new expense with a negative 1000 euro (to make the <bank> USD go to €0 to reflect the reality) - here I leave "Leverancier (crediteur)" empty (Since there's no real crediteur) - however, would BTW be BTW-21%, BTW-vrij or BTW-0% in cases like this?

Thanks in advance!

Speciale onderwerpen / Re: import from UK - VAT paid via UPS
« Gepost op: 03 september, 2021, 15:22:49 »
Don't use the spreadsheet in this case.

The supplier invoice is a gewone factuur BTW-vrij.

My screenshot is about the customs invoice.
Noted! Thank you so much

Speciale onderwerpen / Re: import from UK - VAT paid via UPS
« Gepost op: 03 september, 2021, 14:57:17 »
You're the best Bert-Jan!

This is for the 2nd booking (From UPS in my case) and then for the actual invoice from the seller in UK, I'd do a normal "Gewone factuur" with "0% BTW" is that correct?

Thanks once again!

Speciale onderwerpen / import from UK - VAT paid via UPS
« Gepost op: 03 september, 2021, 13:53:18 »

Sorry for yet another english post!

I recently purchased some items (power cables for own use) from UK, where the sender sadly didn't add the EORI number to the import documents, and thus I've been charged "import charges" by UPS, since the douane can't verify it was imported under the article 23 ruling.

This means I have to book it differently than I'm used to (from article 23), but I'm a bit curious how that's done - I'm aware of the document found in Beheer -> Bijlagen -> "BTW op invoer/import", however I fail to understand what I actually fill out here :(

In the BTW field I expect I'd fill in 29.19 listed in the attached screenshot - since this corresponds to 21% VAT that would be applied for the items purchased (139 euro) - however, what's supposed to go in the onderdelen factuur part?
The 13 euro (and the 2.73 euro VAT) I assume is a normal gewone factuur, since that's just an expense as anything else.

I've asked the douane if they can retrospectively apply the article 2, and refund the VAT paid that shouldn't have been paid in the first place, but I've yet to receive an answer, so I'm simply asking this question because I'm curious how the process would be if they can't!

Thanks in advance!

Speciale onderwerpen / Re: Buy computer in 2020, invoice in 2021
« Gepost op: 22 december, 2020, 19:57:32 »
There is another page
https://wiki.acumulus.nl/index.php?page=overlopende-kosten    Nog te betalen bedragen (overlopende passiva)

You  can make a "zakelijke uitgave, investering" in 2020 (date you confirmed the  order) without BTW (BTW is in 2021 on the actual date of invoice)

But before we go on with this: it will only get you a benefit if you get KIA (investering more than € 2400). If you don't, there will only be "afschrijving" of price (ex BTW) / 5 / 12
Unless you are a starter (less than 3 - 5 years entrepeneur)

Thanks a lot Annalies!

Luckily I do benefit from KIA this year, so it's still quite a bit! Obviously without KIA, the "afschrijving" amount would be very little and wouldn't make much sense!

Speciale onderwerpen / Buy computer in 2020, invoice in 2021
« Gepost op: 22 december, 2020, 17:00:32 »

If I buy a computer in 2020 (which is paid this year as well), since the shipment first takes place in 2021, and thus also the invoice first being issued in 2021 (e.g. the 15th or the 20th of January), is there (legal) a way to put this expense on the 2020 accounting (I assume BTW would still go on the first quarter of 2021).

Ideally I would like to get it on this year's expenses (and thus slightly lowering the taxable income), but I'm not sure whether this is even possible in NL (In Denmark where I'm originally from, we can deduct it on the previous year, if the invoice arrives shortly within the new year).

If it is possible, how would this actually be done in Acumulus? I found https://wiki.acumulus.nl/index.php?page=vooruitontvangen-bedragen-te-ontvangen-bedragen which is the "reverse" - where this assumes I'm the seller and not the buyer.

Thanks in advance, and happy holidays to everyone!

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